A Brief Comparison of Angiosperms and Gymnosperms

When you look at a tree, can you tell whether or not their seeds are “naked?” Probably not; right? You likely don’t even know what that description means. Well, trees fall into one of two categories: angiosperms and gymnosperms, both of which have monumental differences that can be seen by the naked eye.

Continue reading to review a brief comparison of angiosperm trees and gymnosperm trees.

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Angiosperms Versus Gymnosperms

Angiosperms are flowering plants that produce seeds that are enclosed within an ovary, such as fruit, flowers, and endosperm. Gymnosperms are the opposite in that they produce seeds that are not enclosed, and instead, “naked.” These naked seeds often come in the form of cones, such as the pine cones you find on the ground during fall. Below is a comparison of the two types of trees.


Kingdom – Plantae

Definition – Flowering plants and trees that produce seeds enclosed within an ovary; usually a fruit.

Seeds – Enclosed in an ovary, mostly fruit.

Life Cycle – Seasonal, non-perennial.

Leaf Shape – Flat

Wood Type – Hardwood

Tissue – Endosperm produced during triple fusion, referred to as Triploids.

Reproduction – Usually in flowers, they can be unisexual or bisexual.

Applications – Medications, food, clothing, textiles, and more!


Kingdom – Plantae

Definition – Non-flowering trees that produce unenclosed or “naked” seeds.

Seeds – Unenclosed, bare, and usually found on scales, leaves, or in cone formation.

Life Cycle – Evergreen, perennial.

Leaf Shape – Scale-formation and needle-like.

Wood Type – Softwood

Tissue – Endosperm produced before fertilization, referred to as Haploid.

Reproduction – Unisexual, usually in cones.

Applications – Paper, lumber, and more!

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