Key Factors that Help Determine the Cost of Tree Removal

There are several elements that can influence the cost of removing trees on residential and commercial properties. To understand the reasons behind this commonly-used price chart, one must first recognize the reasons tree removal can cost more in certain circumstances; while costing less in others. Continue reading to get familiar with the various aspects of tree removal that can affect the final estimate of a tree service job, entirely.

Size, Quantity, and Location

The most influential factors that will decide the cost of tree service is size, location, and quantity. For obvious reasons, the larger the tree, the more labor it will require to take down. Because labor equals time and money, this increases the final bill for tree service. On top of tree size, the location is a key player in the final billing process. For example, if a tree is located near cables, wires, and other dangerous obstacles, it could be risky and time-consuming to accomplish. This will certainly increase the cost of tree removal. Other location factors include proximity to streets, roads, and adjacent houses. If tree removal or service requires work in a neighbor’s yard, or promises impact, this could add to the final cost as well.

Tree Health

The stability of a tree can be assessed by determining the status of health; which in turn determines the price of the service. Trees that are dying, diseased, or already dead can cost more to remove; mainly due to the degree of risk and difficulty of the project. Healthy trees are much easier and safer to remove or cut down, resulting in a slightly smaller invoice.

Additional Tree Services

If a property or tree project requires extra tree services, it will increase the final cost. Additional services such as stump removal, stump grinding, tree fertilization, trimming, and other specialized tasks cost extra due to the increased labor and use of equipment. Larger staffs and supplementary tree removal equipment are needed to facilitate these extra services for residential and commercial properties.

Fortunately, there are professional tree care companies that offer seasonal specials, discounts, and free estimates. It is important to get complimentary estimates for tree service jobs in order to hunt down the best price. Be sure to use a fully licensed and experienced company that retains the proper equipment and staffs to carry out professional tree service assignments. This is the only way to guarantee trusted tree work.

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