The Most Common Types of Winter Tree Damages

Wintertime is one of the most destructive seasons of the year considering how impactful snow, ice, and cold temperatures can be, not only to people, but also to our surrounding structures. One of the most vulnerable assets on our properties are our landscaping trees. They are highly susceptible to all sorts of winter damage. For this reason, it is important to protect your trees before the winter is officially in full affect.

Continue reading to learn the most common types of winter tree damages to be on the lookout for this season, as well as, how to protect your landscaping trees from such seasonal harm.

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Snow and Ice Damage

As mentioned, snow and ice are incredibly destructive, especially when it comes to trees and shrubs. Not only can the weight of the snow and ice jeopardize the structural integrity and strength of such flora, the mere amount of excess moisture can cause an extensive amount of damage to the entire tree, as well as the root system and surrounding soil.

In order to protect your trees and shrubs from snow and ice damage in the winter, it is important to mulch properly, stake your trees if they are young or vulnerable, and consider wrapping the trunk and burlap material to retain warmth through the entirety of the season. Then when spring comes, be sure to stay on top of your tree’s pruning needs. When trees are pruned properly, there is less risk of broken branches and limbs as a result of heavy snow and ice accumulation.

Heavy Wind Damage

in the winter, snow and ice are not the only climate changes that can affect your landscaping. Strong winds are another common seasonal occurrence. Not only can they cause branches and tree limbs to break off, heavy winds can topple trees over completely. This is incredibly dangerous if trees are near houses, cars, playgrounds, and other areas where there is lots of human traffic or assets. In order to protect your trees from heavy wind damage, you might want to consider cabling embracing trees that are very young or vulnerable. Vulnerable trees would be trees that are sick, dying, leaning, or otherwise structurally-compromised.

Tree Trunk and Root Damage

A tree’s trunk and root system is important because it grounds the tree and provides strength, stability, and nourishment. However, in the wintertime, inclement weather and cold temperatures can affect the quality of tree trunks and tree bark, and ultimately the underground root system. In order to protect your trees from trunk and root damage in the winter, it is important to ensure your trees are being properly fertilized, mulched, watered, and given plenty of sunlight. If you have questions about proper tree care in the springtime, see our blog, “What Should I Do For My Trees Right Before Spring?” to learn more.

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