What Should I Do For My Trees Right Before Spring?

Tomorrow is the official FIRST DAY OF SPRING! We couldn’t be more relieved that the warmer weather, blooming flowers, buzzing wildlife, and sunshine are headed our way! But lest not forget about our trees! Now that spring is here, it is important to tend to your landscaping trees to ensure they are ready for the changing seasons.

Continue reading to learn what you should be doing for your trees this time of year!

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Inspect Your Trees

Now is the time to have your trees inspected by a professional Fishers Tree Service. They have the knowledge, skills, resources, and experience to accurately identify problems, foresee hazards, and care for trees as needed. In between professional inspections, it is encouraged to implement your own inspection too. This is actually an important part of a tree care plan, which is the next thing you should be doing right now!

Set Up a Tree Care Plan

It is important to appoint and set in motion an effective and comprehensive tree care plan for the spring and summer. Your trusted tree service specialist can help you develop a well-suited tree care and management plan that is unique to your landscaping trees and budget. Tree care plans differ from lawns to lawns, but standard tasks may include watering, fertilizing, mulching, tree trimming, winter pruning, nuisance wildlife control, pest management, cabling and bracing for young or newly planted trees, and more. It is recommended that your tree care plan at the very least include watering, fertilizing, mulching, tree trimming, pruning, and pest control.

Remove Dead, Dying, and Hazardous Trees

If your lawn contains any trees that are dead, dying, sick, or otherwise hazardous, it is best to have them removed. Not only do dead and dying trees attract pests, they are a danger to people, pets, and property. Your trusted tree service specialists has everything they need to safely and efficiently remove dead or unwanted trees from your property at a price you can afford. They can also give you advice on whether or not a sick tree needs to be removed. In some cases, a sick tree can be treated and cured by a licensed arborist.

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