Will Pruning Fix a Topped Tree?

Tree topping is not considered a best practice for tree care. In fact, many topped trees experience instant decline, and often times, die. If you have a topped tree on your property that you wish to strengthen and repair, corrective pruning might just be your best option. Continue reading to learn how you can fix a topped tree with routine tree pruning.

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Fishers Tree Service Company 317-537-9770

Tree Pruning for Topped Trees

Many homeowners are relieved to learn that with a little time, patience, and pruning, they can restore a tree that has been adversely affected by topping. When it comes to repairing a topped tree with tree pruning, it is not the pruning itself that should be your focus. Instead, it should be the timing; not just the time of year, but also, the intervals to which you have your tree pruned.

Timing is Key

First, you want to make sure you do not begin your corrective pruning right after your tree has been topped. This can drastically decrease its chances of survival. Instead, wait until you see sprouts and limbs growing from the topped portions of the tree. This indicates that the tree is attempting to replenish its energy reserves, which in turn implies that it can withstand additional modification. Such sprouting will take at least one to two years, so you must be patient.

Once a couple of years has passed and your topped tree is growing plenty of limbs and sprouts, you want to ensure it is the right time of year to prune a tree. The recommended seasons for tree pruning are the seasons in which trees are dormant, namely late winter and fall. Because every tree has different genetic codes and variations, they all will respond differently to corrective pruning after topping, and will grow at different rates.

From there, your trees should be pruned once every year or two to promote exponential growth in strength and get your trees back to a reliable condition. See our blog, “Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Pruning” to learn more about pruning trees. If you are unsure about how often your particular landscaping trees should be pruned, talk to a licensed Indianapolis tree service contractor for professional assessments and advice.

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